How to Choose The Best Estate Agent

Choosing a professional and efficient estate agent is very important. But with so many options available, it can be very complicated to choose the best estate agents for you. Some estate agents will offer you a low commission fee, others will give you a high property valuation, and they can do anything to win the contract. It is wise to do a comprehensive research about the estate agent before signing a contract. Below are a few important tips to choose the best estate agent.

  • Ask for the recommendations from your friends and family members who have already used an estate agent to sell their properties.
  • Drive around your neighborhood, and search about estate agents who are marketing houses like yours in the local area. This is an important indicator to search for the most successful estate agent in your neighborhood.
  • Make a shortlist of available best estate agents, and invite the top three to value your property.
  • Check out the selling history of these estate agents and make sure they have experience of selling property like yours.
  • Look at all the properties listed by these agents on property portals like Zoopla and Rightmove.
  • Ask agents all the related questions about the selling process. Read their terms and conditions in detail.

Choosing the cheapest estate agent

The estate agents with low fees can attract your attention, but it’s not always recommended to choose the agent who is offering the lowest fee to sell your home. The best and proactive estate agents often charge you higher fees as compared to their rivals. Make sure to compare the stats of agents before hiring, and always choose the one who has more experience of selling properties like yours. Sometimes choosing a high commission agent can be more profitable.

Haggling over the fee of the estate agent

In the UK, the estate agent’s fees are not yet regulated, which means that they can charge you whatever they want, but the competition keeps them within a certain range. It is a normal practice to haggle over the commission of your estate agents. Never accept the fee stated by the estate agent, always try to negotiate and insist on reducing it.

The editorial experts at Quality Property Tours have shortlised Fletcher & Poole in North Wales as one of the leading examples of a Top Tier and Trusted Estate Agent:

Fletcher & Poole Contact Details:

Rhos on Sea Estate Agent Office

1a Penrhyn Avenue

Rhos on Sea

LL28 4PS

Tel: 01492 549178

Conwy Estate Agent Office

3 Lancaster Square


LL32 8HT

Tel: 01492 583100

When do you pay estate agent fees?

Most estate agents charge a commission, and you have to pay them after the legal completion of the sale. Normally, when the new buyer becomes a legal owner of your house, your estate agent sends a fees invoice to your solicitor, and once the house sale is legally completed, you have to pay the commission fees to your estate agent through your solicitor. Most online estate agents charge a non-refundable fixed fee, part of which they charge you at the beginning of the contract. According to real estate experts, it is recommended to find a professional and proactive estate agent to sell your home, regardless of his fee.

An experienced estate agent can sell your home at a good price, which can easily cover the agent’s fee.